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U.S. adoption rates have been declining at an unfortunate rate in recent years, despite the almost 500,000 foster children in government care.  Foster children whose parental rights are severed desperately need to belong to forever families and experience the unconditional love that comes with belonging. Building Arizona Families believes that every child deserves to grow up safe and loved in a family. We work hard to place as many children possible in safe, loving forever homes. Through domestic infant adoption, adoption of foster children, and adopting children from Haiti, we continue to increase the number of children placed in adoptive families despite the national decline in adoption. Our Arizona licensed adoption agency is here to build forever families in any way we can, advocating for every vulnerable child to have the life they deserve. 

Adoption rates in the U.S. have been declining since the early 1990s. The total number of adoptions in the U.S. fell from 133,737 adoptions in 2007 to 110,373 in 2014. While many societal factors have caused the adoption rate to decline steadily, the need for adoption is still great! Without adoption, hundreds of thousands of children are left without a family, love, and proper care. This is why Building Arizona Families needs you! 

The Number of Children in Foster Care is Continuing to Rise

In contrast to the declining rate of children being adopted in the United States, the number of children in foster care continues to rise. There are over 400,000 children in foster care right now. In 2017, parental drug abuse was the reason one in three children were entering the foster care system.  Foster children have experienced neglect and/or abuse.  As a foster child in the system, they experience the daily instability of a potential move as well as the fear of an unwanted, unsupported and lonely future. The children of our country are counting on us to take a leap of faith and provide them with a loving and safe forever home. With every adoption of a foster child, we are one step closer to providing forever families for every vulnerable child in the U.S. Visit us HERE to find out more information on how you can forever change a foster child’s life. 

The Need for Adoption Education for Crisis Pregnancies

Many women are uneducated about the options available to them when they are facing a crisis pregnancy. Over 73% of women in crisis pregnancies cite financial reasons as a primary cause of the crisis and are unaware that adoption agencies can provide the practical, caring support they need to choose adoption. Adoption gives both the birth mother and baby a future of great promise. Young girls and women need access to information about the support available when they choose adoption, both during their pregnancy and afterward.  Building Arizona Families, an Arizona licensed adoption agency, provides free practical support for pregnant women in crisis who choose adoption, including food, clothing, transportation, emergency housing, access to medical care, and professional adoption services. Visit us HERE to find out more about the help available to women facing crisis pregnancies.

International Adoption Provides Forever Homes to Children in Haiti

When leading countries in international adoption, including the U.S., revised their adoption laws, they began limiting or not allowing children to be adopted internationally. This caused a major decline in the international adoption rate including families in the U.S. Haiti wants their children to continue finding safe and loving homes with opportunity and has chosen to work with 16 internationally accredited adoption agencies in the U.S. We are one of the small handful of Hague accredited U.S. adoption agencies allowed to find forever families for the children of Haiti. Building Arizona Families continues to work fervently with the Haitian government and has been providing safe and loving forever homes for Haitian children since 2005. For more information on our international adoption program, visit us HERE. 

Our Local Arizona Adoption Agency Wants to Find Forever Homes for All Children

Building Arizona Families is a non-profit, licensed, accredited adoption agency offering adoption services around the United States and in Haiti. We believe an adoption is a beautiful option for children and adoptive families alike.  Many of our staff, including our founders, have personal experience with adoption, having either been adopted or have adopted children to grow their forever families. We are passionately committed to helping find forever homes for children in need, and we support our adoptive families and birth mothers through a successful adoption journey. 

We invite our adoptive families to attend an adoption seminar for more information. You can call Lisa at 623-692-4424 or e-mail HERE for seminar information. Building Arizona Families would be honored to walk beside you as you begin your adoption journey! Learn more about us HERE. 





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