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When families come to Building Arizona Families inquiring about babies available to adopt in Arizona, we explain that this is typically handled through private adoption. Foster children typically are not adopted at birth.

Private adoption of a newborn baby is a beautiful way to grow your family! Building Arizona Families can help match you with babies available to adopt from Arizona no matter where you live in the U.S. We work with Arizona birth mothers who, for various reasons, are unable to parent but choose to give their unborn child the gift of life and place them into the loving arms of an adoptive family.

Building Arizona Families walks beside women who have decided to place their babies for adoption, and they are referred to as birth mothers . We provide birth mothers with counseling, food, clothing, housing, and transportation as needed. Our caseworkers are actively involved with the birth mothers to encourage healthy choices for their pregnancy.

Babies Available to Adopt from Arizona

In domestic adoption, birth mothers (and sometimes birth fathers) are actively involved in selecting the family where their baby will be placed for adoption. Adoptive parents complete parent profiles presented to birth mothers as potential families to adopt the baby. Adoptive parents also make choices about the baby they wish to adopt. Choices include race or ethnicity and the baby’s health.

Many adoptive families request a timeline for the private adoption of newborn babies. There is no standard time period due to the matching of adoptive families to the babies available to adopt from Arizona.

For more questions on the Domestic/Newborn Adoption Program, we invite you to go HERE. Building Arizona Families also offers informative online seminars about the newborn adoption process. Please RSVP for a seminar from our Facebook page HERE. In the meantime, feel free to reach out to Becky Merryman, the program coordinator, at: becky@buildingarizonafamilies.com or by phone at 623-224-1815.

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