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Cradling your newborn baby in your arms can make your heart want to burst with joy. The overwhelming love that floods your soul is almost inexplicable. We know that when we describe adopting a baby as a miraculous gift, every family we have supported in the newborn baby adoption process would agree!


Many couples come to us who are unable to conceive. Other families and single people want to experience the joy of adopting a baby and loving their child forever. While newborn baby adoption is not for everyone, Building Arizona Families has been honored to walk with families on their joyous journey of newborn adoption.


How do You Know if Newborn Baby Adoption is a Match for You?


One of the first steps in deciding if newborn baby adoption is a match for you is to review the costs and requirements. Adopting a baby (not one from the foster system) is a private adoption, so there are costs incurred that are not present in adopting from foster care. Building Arizona Families is very transparent about adoption costs so that prospective adoptive families can determine if adopting a baby is possible financially. The good news is that various programs can help finance private adoption costs. You can find out more HERE.


Another determinant in whether adopting a baby is a match is identifying which babies you might be able to adopt. For example, some birth mothers have struggled with addiction during their pregnancy, negatively impacting the baby. Adoptive families must decide if they are open to adopting a baby that has been substance exposed. This is just one decision that can determine if adopting a newborn baby works with your family, your schedule, and your finances. Go HERE for more information about the adoption process and the choices you need to make along the way.


More Information About Adopting a Newborn Baby


Building Arizona Families offers very informative online seminars about the newborn adoption process. Please RSVP for a seminar from our Facebook page HERE. In the meantime, feel free to reach out to Becky Merryman, the program coordinator, at: becky@buildingarizonafamilies.com or by phone at 623-224-1815.

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