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If you have thought about growing your family and have looked into adoption and live in Arizona, Building Arizona Families has a great program for you. Building Arizona Families is proud to offer the opportunity to adopt foster children in Arizona and around the U.S. through our Forever Families program. As a licensed Arizona adoption agency, finding forever families for children in need is our passion and our mission.

Why Children In Foster Care Need You 

Throughout the United States, there are hundreds of thousands of children that are waiting for a forever family and a forever home. Children of all ages want to be a part of a family with safety, support, love, and respect. Growing up in the foster care system can be very difficult for children who can develop attachment disorders from all that they experience moving from place to place. 

Additionally, Arizona has a great need for families who will care for teens and sibling groups. Children in foster care are ready for you to be a positive change in their life that they desperately need. All children should have the opportunity to live in a loving, healthy environment they can call home. Find out more about program requirements and fee details HERE.

The Process To Adopt Foster Children in Arizona 

Before adopting a child in foster care, an individual or couple living in Arizona needs to determine if they are legally eligible to adopt. Building Arizona Families assists families in determining eligibility. The adoptive family does not need to be foster care certified, but certified to adopt through a home study. Successfully completing a home study ensures the adoptive family has a safe home environment. A family will welcome foster children who are free for adoption into their home for approximately 6 months. After six months of living in the home, the adoptive family can then legally adopt. 

The majority of children are 5 years of age or older. In some cases, younger children are available to be adopted.  There are also sibling groups or children who have a higher level of need. All children in the foster system deserve to feel the stability and love of a forever family. Download our Adopting Foster Children Information Guide HERE. 

Building Arizona Families Has Been Helping Families Since 2004

Building Arizona Families would be honored to walk with you on your journey to adopt foster children in Arizona. As a non-profit, licensed Arizona adoption agency, we have been helping families with the Arizona child adoption process since 2004.

Please contact us so that we can help your adoption dreams come true! You can reach out to Ixcel Baca, Program Manager for the Forever Families foster child adoption program at Building Arizona Families by phone at 623-696-9537 and by e-mail at ixcelbaca@buildingarizonafamilies.com. Building Arizona Families also offers free adoption information seminars in Phoenix, as well as online. Be sure to reach out to Ixcel for seminar dates and times.

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