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Wondering how to start an adoption process?  We are delighted to hear that you are considering growing your family through the miracle of adoption.  The adoption process varies depending on the type of adoption you are interested in.  Building Arizona Families provides adoption services for private infant adoption within the U.S. for families living around the country and adoption from foster care for families residing in Arizona. 

We offer convenient online seminars about how to start an adoption process for private infant adoption and a more general adoption seminar for families who want to learn about the differences between the two programs.  You can view the online adoption seminar schedule on our Facebook page HERE. On the Building Arizona Families website, there are also downloadable information kits for each type of adoption.  Click HERE for information about domestic newborn adoption, and HERE for information about how to adopt from the foster care system.

Choosing the Right Adoption Agency to Help Grow Your Family

Regardless of the type of adoption that you choose to grow your family, the answer to how to start an adoption process should always begin with choosing the right adoption agency that is best suited for your familys needs.  The National Council for Adoption considers it imperative for adoptive families to work with licensed adoption agencies and experienced professional caseworkers.  Building Arizona Families is licensed by the Arizona Department of Child Safetys Office of Licensing and Regulation.  We have been serving U.S. families since 2004.  Many of our staff members, including the founders, have either adopted or been adopted and are passionate about changing lives through the miracle of adoption.  We also enjoy an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. 

Building Arizona Families believes in adoption education, and we invite you to ask questions about adoption so that you make the most informed decisions and are comfortable with your choices and the adoption journey.  Below are sample questions that the National Council for Adoption recommends when asking adoption agencies how to start an adoption process: 

  • What requirements does the agency have for prospective adoptive parents?
  • What is this agencys experience and background in the type of adoption you want to pursue?
  • How quickly do agency staff respond to questions or requests for information? Is communication handled in person? By phone? By email?
  • How often do agency staff communicate case and program updates to prospective parents?
  • What type of pre-adoption education does the agency provide?
  • What does the agency offer in terms of post-adoption support services?
  • How long has the agency existed, and how many placements has it made? How many does it typically make in a year? How many waiting families are there?
  • What educational materials, books, websites, community organizations, etc. does the agency recommend to prospective adoptive parents?
  • What fees does the agency charge, and what is the timeline for expected payment?
  • Can the agency provide references from several families that have adopted through the agency? Can they produce references for the type of adoption you are considering?
  • What are the state laws under which the agency must operate?

Building Arizona Families is Honored to Help Your Family Start the Adoption Process

We would be honored to answer your questions and serve you as you grow your family through adoption.  Please register for one of our convenient online seminars to learn more about how to start the adoption journey.  Find out dates and times HERE.  You are welcome to reach out any time by calling our offices at 623.936.4729 or emailing us at info@buildingarizonafamilies.com.  We look forward to visiting with you soon.

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