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Many families find an ache in their hearts for children. Sometimes it’s a baby, others might prefer toddlers or teenagers. And some families want a sibling group to fill their homes and hearts with the laughter of children. If your heart and home can be made complete by having children in them, adoption might be the right choice for you. Our licensed adoption agency, Building Arizona Families, has been helping people just like you to build the forever families they are longing for.

Our Licensed and Internationally Accredited Adoption Agency Offers Many Adoption Options

As a licensed and internationally accredited adoption agency, Building Arizona Families is honored to provide several forms of adoption. Through our domestic program, we offer infant adoption. This program matches biological mothers who are unable to provide for their babies with adoptive families who have been hoping and praying for a baby to love. With our domestic program, we are able to serve families around the United States.

Forever Families Program is a Licensed Adoption Agency Service Working with State Governments

Our Forever Families program offers adoption services for families in Arizona who want to open their hearts and homes to foster children. We are able to provide adoption services for Arizona families to facilitate adoption of foster children from around the United States. There are tens of thousands of U.S. foster children who are hoping and praying that someone will open their heart and home and give them a forever family to belong to.

Haiti Adoption Program is an Internationally Accredited Adoption Agency Service Working with Haitian Government

Building Arizona Families is an internationally accredited adoption agency that works with the government of Haiti to adopt Haitian orphans. We are one of only a handful of U.S. adoption agencies granted permission by the Haiti government to serve the needs of their orphans. Being internationally accredited means that our internationally accredited adoption agency has met the rigorous standards of the Hague Convention, certifying that our processes meet the standards necessary to facilitate international adoption.

As an agency founded by two women – one that adopted three children internationally (which requires an internationally accredited adoption agency) and another who herself was adopted, every adoption that we facilitate is personal. Many of our staff have adopted in the U.S. as well (which requires a state licensed adoption agency), and we are deeply committed to the mission of finding forever families for children. We believe that no child should grow up without a loving, stable family to give each child hope for a bright future. We understand the emotional ups and downs, how deeply personal the child matching process is, and how challenging the legal requirements can be. Building Arizona Families adoption agency is committed to walking beside you every step of the way until your forever family is complete!

Our licensed, internationally accredited adoption agency offers complimentary adoption seminars in Phoenix. The seminars include detailed information about the adoption process, requirements, costs, and types of adoptions available to prospective adoptive families. If you are unable to attend in person, we offer online adoption seminars as well. Please reach out by calling Lisa at 623-692-4424 or e-mailing her at lisa@buildingarizonafamilies.com to get more information about our upcoming adoption seminars. You can also read more online HERE. If you would like to download a complimentary information kit about adopting a child from Haiti, click HERE. If you would like complimentary information about adoption of foster children, go HERE. In the meantime, be sure you keep up with what is going on at Building Arizona Families by joining our online Facebook community HERE.

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