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Is your family looking for more information about adoption? Or have you been researching options and still have questions about the different kinds of adoptions available? Our licensed adoption agency, Building Arizona Families will be hosting a free online Adoption Information Seminar that can help families find the answers they are seeking. Whether you or your family are just beginning to think about adoption or if you are ready to begin your adoption journey, the upcoming Building Arizona Families Adoption Information Seminar is a great place to start!

Begin Your Adoption Journey with Building Arizona Families 

Building Arizona Families is very committed to adoptive parent education and resources and is excited to offer a convenient, safe online space to answer all questions for families interested in adoption or ready to begin their journey.

Building Arizona Families will be hosting an Adoption Information Seminar on October 17, 2020, from 10:00 AM MST to 12:00 PM MST. To keep our staff and all families safe during this time, the seminar will be hosted online by AnyMeeting. If you would like to secure your spot for the upcoming seminar, RSVP at (623) 293-1150 or jhatcher@buildingarizonafamilies.com. Spaces are limited, so please RSVP at your earliest convenience.

Here is a preview of the type of information we cover during our Adoption Information Seminars – 

General Adoption Inquiries 

Each adoption program offered at Building Arizona Families has different costs, fees, and processes associated with the specific adoption type. Families come to us with a wide range of questions, and we are happy to offer our experience and expertise in the world of adoption. 

Are you wondering about adoption fees, how they are paid, and when they are due? Or if there are any financial resources available to help? How long does an adoption journey last from start to finish? These questions and so many more will be answered during the Adoption Information Seminar on October 17, 2020. You can also visit our website HERE to begin learning more about adoption through Building Arizona Families, a licensed adoption agency in Arizona. 

Types of Adoption Programs Available

Building Arizona Families has many adoption programs available to fit the needs and expectations of any adoptive family. We offer programs for newborn adoption (we also refer to this as our Domestic Adoption Program), international adoption, and foster child adoption in the United States. We also help families by facilitating step-parent/relative adoptions and conducting home studies. More information for each type of adoption offered at Building Arizona Families can be found under the Adoption Services tab, visit us HERE. 

What’s the Next Step?

The great thing about connecting live during the October 17th Adoption Information Seminar is the interactive question and answer session – families can talk with the Building Arizona Families staff about the next steps in their journey. Every adoption journey is unique, and Building Arizona Families is here to help navigate you and your family during this exciting time. RSVP to our upcoming Adoption Information Seminar, so you all of the information needed to make an informed decision about your adoption plans. 

Our Local, Non-Profit, Accredited, Licensed Adoption Agency in Arizona is Here to Support You on Your Adoption Journey 

Building Arizona Families firmly believes in the transparency of providing our adoptive families upfront information about our adoption programs. Education for adoptive families is so helpful – it not only helps families chose the type of adoption that matches their family, but it also helps prepare them for the steps included in the adoption journey Please register for our upcoming Adoption Information Seminar HERE. Contact us at (623) 293-1150 or e-mail HERE for seminar information for our licensed adoption agency. You can also visit us HERE to learn more about our adoption programs.

Building Arizona Families would be honored to walk beside you as you begin your adoption journey! We are dedicated to breaking down the barriers and obstacles of adoption and helping every child find their forever family. Learn more about us HERE. We believe in the beauty of adoption and the remarkable changes it makes in children’s lives forever. Many of our staff, including our founders, have personal experience with adoption. Many of our staff have either been adopted or have adopted to grow their forever families.

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