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Do you feel the desire to bring a beautiful life into your home to complete your forever family, or to start your own family? Adoption is such a wonderful experience for both the child and their forever family. Whether you are a single adult, a married couple, or a family with multiple children, adoption can bless the family, the home, and change a child’s life forever. There are various ways to adopt a child, from private adoption to international adoption, and all are amazing experiences.

Building Arizona Families can help walk you through the different types of adoption available so you can select the type of adoption you prefer. Building Arizona Families is a licensed, accredited adoption agency for domestic private adoption, domestic adoption from foster care, and for international adoption. We are fortunate enough to provide three adoption services for our families to continue to grow their forever families in the U.S. and change the lives of vulnerable children forever.

Private Domestic and Newborn Adoptions

Infant adoption of all racial/ethnic backgrounds is available through the Domestic Newborn private adoption program. Adoptive families may specify the race/ethnicity and health of the child they hope to adopt, but those who are more flexible in preferences are more likely to match quicker. The unpredictability of the timeframe for domestic adoption is due to families being matched according to birth parents’ choices. During a domestic, private adoption, birth parents are actively involved in the process of selecting an adoptive family.

Building Arizona Families is dedicated to helping ensure that vulnerable newborns are placed into forever families. Download a free info kit on domestic adoption HERE.

Forever Families US Adoption Program Adopt foster children

Our Forever Families adoption program is an exciting program for Arizona adoptive families. Arizona families can adopt foster children living anywhere in the United States. An adoptive family does not need to be foster care certified to adopt a child from foster care. Families are certified to adopt through a home study. Read more about home studies HERE.

Adopting through our Forever Families US Adoption program allows families to open their hearts to a child that desperately needs a forever home. The foster child would live in the adoptive family’s home for approximately six months before the family is allowed to legally adopt the child. The process of direct adoption placements is also less expensive than domestic private adoption. For more information about adopting foster children, please download our info kit HERE.

Haiti Adoptions

Haiti’s social and economic conditions have caused the country not to have the resources to provide enough homes for their children in need of adoption. Building Arizona Families is partnering with the Haitian government to help find forever families in the U.S. for these Haitian children.

As a non-profit, internationally accredited adoption agency, Building Arizona Families is one of a few select U.S. adoption agencies that the Haitian government has agreed to work with. We can help families in any state of the U.S. with the Haiti adoption process. Our Haiti adoption program has an average time frame of 24 months. Healthy children up to 12 years are available right now and praying for a forever family.

Haiti adoption requirementsFind out more information about Haitian adoption requirements HERE. Building Arizona Families will walk through the entire process with you, assisting with the considerable amount of paperwork. We will also follow up with you until eight years after placement in conjunction with Haiti’s post-adoption requirements, including reports submitted to the Haiti government. Haiti cares deeply for its children, and they follow up to ensure that adopted Haitian children are doing well in their new forever family.

Our Licensed, Accredited Adoption Agency is Honored to Serve You in Private Adoption, Haiti Adoption, or to Adopt a Foster Child

We would be honored to serve you on your adoption journey. If you would like general information and/or have not decided what type of adoption is right for you, our adoption agency offers onsite seminars that answer all of your questions. You can also read more about us HERE.

We also offer online seminars for those who can’t travel to Phoenix for the onsite seminar. You can call Lisa at 623-692-4424 or e-mail HERE for seminar information and have your other questions answered. Building Arizona Families looks forward to serving you!

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