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You Might Qualify to Adopt Foster Children in Arizona

Did you know that there are foster children throughout Arizona who can’t return home, have had their parental rights severed as a result of unmitigated life threatening abuse and neglect, and are hoping that someone will open their heart and home to them? They want forever families. They want to be adopted. If this moves your heart, you might be surprised at who can qualify to adopt foster children in Arizona and throughout the United States.

Wesson is Waiting

Meet Wesson! If you want to adopt foster children in Arizona, Wesson is hoping and praying for a forever family! He is active, adventurous, polite and fun to be around. Wesson loves music and is currently taking guitar lessons through All Kids Need Music, and has even written a few songs! You can find out more about Wesson HERE. And, if you believe you can open your heart and home to Wesson, please reach out to Ixcel Baca, the Forever Families program manager at Building Arizona Families.

Criteria to Adopt Foster Children

To adopt foster children, you have to pass a home inspection, but that doesn’t mean you have to own your own home. Home can be an apartment. You have to be financially stable, but you don’t have to be wealthy. The process to adopt foster children is the least expensive of all types of adoption.

You need to provide a loving family environment, but you don’t have to be married. Single parents are welcome to adopt foster children in Arizona and throughout the United States.

To adopt foster children through Building Arizona Families, you need to be residents of Arizona. The foster children do not have to be residents of Arizona, and Building Arizona Families will work with you to adopt a foster child or foster children that best suit your family.

If You Adopt Foster Children, You Change a Child’s Future

Foster children whose parental rights are severed and are unable to be reunited with family are truly orphans. They are cared for by state child protective agencies and primarily live in group homes. On average, they move three times a year, which often means changing schools, losing trusting relationships, friends and encouraging teachers. Over time, these vulnerable children lose down emotionally, and do not want to continue to make caring relationships only to love them. They also fall behind in school because of the frequency of moving, and in many instances get discouraged and quit trying. If they are not adopted out of the foster care system, the outcomes are even worse. Children who were abuse and neglected now find themselves facing the world alone as young adults without the support they need to successfully navigate life. If no one steps up to adopt foster children and they age out of the system, most do not attend college. Many wind up homeless and addicted.

The story changes dramatically when they are adopted. Being welcomed into a loving family and stable living environment helps them heal emotionally. They often improve rapidly in school, and their outlook on their future becomes much brighter.

Can You Change a Child’s Future?

Find out if you can adopt foster children in Arizona and throughout the U.S. We invite you to attend an informative online seminar about adopting foster children. You can go to the Events tab on our Facebook page to view upcoming seminars and RSVP for the one that best meets your needs. Go here to view the schedule.

You can go to our Forever Families page on the website to learn more. You are also welcome to reach out with your questions at any time. Just go to our Contact Us page for who to reach out to, and ways to reach out.

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