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The start of the New Year always holds so much hope.  It’s such a wonderful time of year. Families gather together to talk about their hopes and dreams. It is a magical time for children as they dream big dreams of anticipation.

What if as a child your reality is quite different? Your parents neglected you and even hurt you. Then you were taken away by strangers and now have to live with strangers? Worse, sometimes you have to move from place to place, living with different strangers every time, with only a plastic bag of clothes to call your own?

This is the reality for foster children. The start of a new year can be a very painful for these children who have suffered so much already. Did you know that there are over 12,000 foster children in Arizona alone, and that is just one state!

Every foster child who is not able to be safely reunited with their biological families deserves a safe, loving forever family. No child should grow up without a family or a place to call home.

Please Consider Adopting Foster Children in Arizona

Are you able to open your heart and home to a child during this New Year who has suffered more in his or her short lifetime than you or I can imagine? Unconditional love and a stable home environment is the cure for the broken hearts of foster children. The need for loving families to adopt Arizona foster children and foster children around the United States is great.

A Few Facts About Adopting Foster Children

When foster children are unable to be reunited with their biological families because of ongoing unsafe environments, the courts legally terminate parental rights. These Arizona foster children or foster children around the U.S. become legally available for adoption. Adopting a foster child is less expensive than private adoption, and families who adopt foster children are able to choose the foster child or foster children they want to adopt. Additionally, there is no requirement that people who want to adopt foster children must become licensed foster parents first.

Requirements to Adopt Foster Children in Arizona

If you live in the state of Arizona, Building Arizona Families is able to assist you in adopting foster children. The foster children can live anywhere in the United States, but the adoptive family should reside in Arizona. Our licensed adoption agency will walk through the process of adopting foster children, including basic requirements, matching your family with the foster child or children that is the best fit for your family, and moving you through the legal adoptive process for Arizona foster child adoption.

Download Our Free Info Kit on Adopting Foster Children

You can download our free info kit HERE. You can read more about requirements for adopting a foster child HERE, and costs for adopting a foster child HERE. You are invite you to reach out to Ixcel Baca, Program Manager for the Forever Families foster child adoption program at Building Arizona Families by phone at 623-696-9537 and by e-mail at ixcelbaca@buildingarizonafamilies.com. Building Arizona Families also offers free adoption information seminars in Phoenix, as well as online. Be sure to reach out to Ixcel for seminar dates and times.

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