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The modern-day family has changed entirely in the last decade, and family units have evolved into the American family we see today. Adoptions have made a significant impact on the evolution of the American family. We are committed to supporting families who choose to grow their families through adoption. Building Arizona Families is an Arizona adoption agency that serves children and families through domestic infant adoption, interstate foster child adoption, and Haiti adoption programs.

Although adoption in the U.S. is a widely accepted method of growing a family, only 2% of all families choose adoption. Only 1 out of 25 families with children have adopted a child. The need for adoptive families is urgent – read more to find out why.

Domestic Infant Arizona Adoption Program

Newborn or infant adoption is a private adoption process that gives a precious baby a beautiful start at life. Adoption is a positive choice for women with unplanned pregnancies who are unable to parent. It gives a newborn child the gift of a prosperous future and an adoptive family the gift of a newborn baby. At Building Arizona Families, our birth mothers also receive the opportunity to receive post adoption services to help them build a positive future.

In the domestic adoption program, adoptive parents choose the race, ethnicity, health, and other specifications of the child for domestic adoption. Birth mothers choose the adoptive family. We work with both adoptive and birth parents to create matches that begin a beautiful adoption journey. Read more information on our Domestic/Newborn adoption program HERE.

International Haiti Adoption Program

Many children around the world are in desperate need of a forever home and loving parents. Economic and social issues in Haiti have led to the inability of families to provide for their children and to having to place them in orphanages to ensure that they will have food to eat, medical attention, and schooling. As a Hague accredited adoption agency, we can work with families from any state in the U.S. through our international Haiti adoption program to provide loving homes and a bright future for these vulnerable children. Building Arizona Families is actively seeking single women and family applicants to provide safe and loving permanent homes to Haiti children. Read more about our international adoption program HERE.

Interstate Adoption of Foster Children for Arizona Families

The Forever Families U.S. Adoption Program is a wonderful program offering families who live in Arizona the chance to change a foster child’s life forever. Arizona families who are legally eligible to adopt can directly adopt a child in foster care from any state in the U.S. A direct adoption placement means an adoptive family does not need to be foster care certified and is licensed to adopt through a home study. There are hundreds of thousands of foster children around the U.S. waiting for a loving and supportive home with their forever family. Download information on the Forever Family Adoption Process HERE.

Building Arizona Families, an Arizona Adoption Agency, is Committed to Walking Beside You Every Step of the Way

As an agency founded by two women,one that adopted three children internationally and another who herself was adopted, every adoption that we facilitate is personal. We believe that no child should grow up without a loving, stable family to give each child hope for a bright future. Building Arizona Families adoption agency is committed to walking beside you every step of the way until your forever family is complete!

Our licensed, internationally accredited adoption agency offers complimentary adoption seminars in Phoenix. The seminars include detailed information about the adoption process, requirements, costs, and types of adoptions available to prospective adoptive families. If you are unable to attend in person, we offer online adoption seminars as well. Please reach out by calling Lisa at 623-692-4424 or e-mailing her at lisa@buildingarizonafamilies.com to get more information about our upcoming adoption seminars. Or, read more about our Arizona adoption agency HERE.

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