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Foster children face a life of loneliness, sadness, and rejection. They desperately need to be wanted and loved by a forever family. Over the holidays, foster children had to watch families celebrate and share the love during what should be a joyous season. Sadly children experienced the almost unimaginable loneliness of no one wanting them, of not having a family to call their own – right here in the U.S.A.! Right now, there are over 13,000 foster children in Arizona waiting to be adopted out of the foster care system. These children who have entered foster care through no fault of their own, who can’t return to their biological families because it is not safe, are waiting for someone to adopt them and provide the opportunity to start a new life where they are safe and cared for.

Provide a Safe and Nurturing Home for Foster Children in Arizona 

Every child deserves to feel loved, cared and provided for. Unfortunately, when no one adopts a foster child and they leave the foster care system without having a solid foundation to grow from, many foster children flounder.  They are at much higher risk for drug abuse, homeless, and crisis pregnancies because they never had a stable environment or consistent good role models to follow. From a young age, many foster children move from place to place several times a year and then wait year after year for a family to want them so they can have a life like other children they know at school. Just under half a million babies, young children, and teenagers in the United States face living in and out of foster homes because of the life given to them. But we can help change these lives!

Adopting foster children in Arizona or anywhere else throughout the U.S. is possible for adoptive parents living in Arizona through Building Arizona Families.  Adoption not only gives them the solid foundation they crave but will teach them how to be happy, responsible and caring adults. The life lessons adopted children will learn from a forever family cannot only heal their hearts, but make them better students, friends, and a positive part of their community. An adopted child can finally find their sense of identity, self-worth, and self-esteem when they experience the loving stability of a forever family. Help provide a home to a foster child in need through foster child adoption, as well as sharing the need with everyone you can possibly tell! 

Building Arizona Families Serves Children in Foster Care Through Adoption

Building Arizona Families invites families living in Arizona to consider adopting a foster child in Arizona or anywhere else in the U.S. Remember, contrary to what many people believe, you do not have to be licensed foster care providers before adopting Arizona foster children. We will help you walk through the direct adoption of children in the foster care system in Arizona or around the U.S.  You must reside in Arizona to adopt foster children through Building Arizona Families, but once you meet the requirements, you are eligible to adopt a foster child from anywhere in the U.S. Download our foster child adoption info kit HERE.

We also invite you to attend one of our informative adoption seminars. You can reach out to Ixcel Baca, Program Coordinator, directly and ask any questions you might have. Ixcel would love to hear from you! You can reach Ixcel at (623) 696-9537 or by e-mailing her at ixcelbaca@buildingarizonafamilies.com. Learn more about the Forever Families program Building Arizona Families offers to adopt foster children HERE. You can change the life of a foster child forever!



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