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Are you researching different types of adoption?  Research is an excellent start to your adoption journey.  At Building Arizona Families, we believe adoption education is crucial to making the right adoption choices.

Building Arizona Families has provided several different types of adoption since 2004, including the adoption of foster children, infant adoption, and international adoption.  Our website has a great deal of information about each type of adoption.  You can access foster child adoption information HERE.  For information on adopting a newborn baby, go HERE.  And, to access information about international adoption, go HERE.

Variants for Different Types of Adoptions

Each different type of adoption includes varying processes, criteria, timeframes, and costs.  At Building Arizona Families, we have adoption specialists assigned to each unique type of adoption who will walk with you through your adoption journey.  Additionally, many of our staff members have adopted children themselves, so they understand not just the processes but the emotional side of the adoption journey and will be there to support you through the ups and downs of the process.

As you research different types of adoption and review adoption agencies, you should be aware of the necessary licenses that adoption agencies are required to have to facilitate adoptions.  For example, Building Arizona Families is licensed through the Arizona Department of Child Safety’s Office of Licensing and Regulation, whose responsibility is to ensure that the child’s best interests are always kept top of mind and that the adoptive family is qualified to assume parenting responsibilities.  This state licensure allows us to facilitate adoptions of foster children in any state of the U.S. for parents residing in Arizona and newborn adoptions of Arizona babies for families residing anywhere within the U.S.  For International adoptions, Building Arizona Families is Hague accredited – a very stringent federal adoption accreditation that protects the best interests of children in various countries around the world.

Building Arizona Families offers free, informative seminars on the different types of adoption.  Find out dates and times HERE.  Building Arizona is a licensed adoption agency with an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.  Please reach out at any time.  We would love to serve you and your family.

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