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How many parents are waiting to adopt babies in the United States?  Believe it or not, there is no source for accurate measurement.  Some experts estimate that about 2 million families are waiting to adopt babies.  Parents have numerous reasons for choosing adoption.  One of the primary reasons is infertility.  A recent UCLA study identified an estimated 15% of U.S. couples experience infertility.  While not all infertile couples turn to adoption, the data provides a general idea of one possible group of parents waiting to adopt babies.

Why is this relevant?  Numerous medical studies illustrate the challenging emotional impacts of infertility, including depression, isolation, low self-esteem, and shame.  Some of Building Arizona Families’ staff members have struggled with this sensitive issue and moved forward to adopt children.  Our compassionate case workers can confidently reassure adoptive families that they are not alone in their challenges.  They share their stories about how adoption can fill empty hearts and aching arms with the joy of holding their newborn baby.

There are numerous other reasons parents are waiting to adopt babies, and they are all wonderful.  In addition to filling the hearts and homes of adoptive parents, adoption changes the future of the newborn baby! Over the almost twenty years Building Arizona Families has provided newborn adoption services, we have been privileged to share the joy of so many new parents and hear their stories of laughter and love as their precious child grows.  

Adoption is such a wonderful gift. We would be delighted to walk with you on your adoption journey.  We invite you to contact Becky Merryman, our Domestic Newborn Adoption Program Manager.  Becky and her husband Steve adopted two newborns.  Today, their grown sons are a source of pride and joy. You can watch Steve and Becky’s adoption story here. Becky can be reached at 623-224-1815 or by e-mail at becky@buildingarizonafamilies.com.

For information about the process for parents waiting to adopt babies, you can download our complimentary Newborn Domestic Adoption Info Kit HERE.  You are invited to attend one of our convenient online adoption seminars.  Find out dates and times HERE

Building Arizona is a licensed adoption agency with an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.  Please reach out at any time.  We would love to serve you and your family.

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