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We’ll Help You Learn the Criteria for Adoption in Arizona 

If you are wondering what do I need to adopt a baby or looking to understand the criteria for adoption through private adoption, Building Arizona Families would be delighted to help you on your infant adoption journey. We have been helping families
adopt babies since 2004. No matter where you live in the U.S., Building Arizona Families can

What Do I Need to Adopt a Baby

We believe strongly in adoption education and providing the resources for perspective parents to fully understand the criteria for adoption. We will provide stepbystep information about how to adopt a baby. We offer an informative online seminar for prospective adoptive families
asking the question what do I need to do to adopt a baby? The seminars include adoption
information processes, costs, selection process, and time frames. You can find uptodate
information about our seminars and RSVP on our Facebook page here.
Becky Merryman, Building Arizona Families Domestic Newborn Adoption Program Manager,
has adopted two infants and is passionate about walking beside adoptive families and the birth
mother the family is matched with. She shares from personal experience and from helping
countless families all you need to know about how to adopt a baby. You are invited to
download the complimentary info kit on our website here.

How to Adopt a Baby

One of the first steps in newborn adoption is to create an adoptive parent profile. Your
adoption case manager will help you with this process. You will be pleased to know that in the
infant adoption process, you may specify the race/ethnicity and health of the baby you hope to
adopt. When your adoptive parent profile matches the specific requests of the birth mother
about the family she will place her baby with, your profile is presented to the birth mother to
see if there is a match between the birth mother and the adoptive family. Some of what do I
need to do to adopt a baby process involves waiting for the right match. This period is not
predictable as it is based on the preferences of the birth parents.
Feel free to reach out directly to Becky Merryman. She would be happy to answer any
questions that you have. You can contact her by phone or email at
becky@buildingarizonafamilies.com or 6232241815.

About Building Arizona Families

Building Arizona Families is an IRSregistered, Arizonalicensed nonprofit adoption agency.
We have provided adoption services since 2004 with an A+ rating from the Better Business
Bureau. Please find out more about us here.

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