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You may have seen numerous messages about adopting foster children in Arizona. What you might not realize is just how crucial adoption is to the health of the foster child. As you probably know, vulnerable children in the foster care system, through no fault of their own, enter the foster care system due to parental neglect and/or abuse. Parents are then given the opportunity and necessary supports to correct the behaviors and environments that put the child at risk. If the parents are unable or unwilling to make the necessary corrections, after a specified period of time, parental rights are severed by the courts and the child becomes the responsibility of the state in which the rights were severed.  Want more info?  Download our Adopting Foster Children Information Guide HERE.

As a result of the child suffering abuse and/or neglect, foster children are at greater risk for negative long term emotional and physical impacts. Negative impacts can include toxic stress. According to the CDC, this type of stress results from “intense adverse experiences that may be sustained over a long period of time—weeks, months or even years. In instances of abuse and/or neglect, children are unable to effectively manage this type of stress by themselves. As a result, their stress response system gets activated for a prolonged amount of time. This can lead to permanent changes in the development of the brain.”

Unfair that an innocent child should suffer in this way? Absolutely! But, also according to the CDC, the good news is that, “The negative effects of toxic stress can be lessened with the support of caring adults. Appropriate support and intervention can help in returning the stress response system back to its normal baseline.”

Adopting Foster Children in Arizona Helps Heal Trauma Caused by Neglect and/or Abuse

Outside of the clinical information, what is the critical need for a foster child whose parental rights have been severed? The need is for immediate safety, security, and unconditional love to help bring the child, truly a victim in this case, back into a state of no longer needing to be in “fight or flight mode”. The need is for a loving family to adopt a foster child in Arizona and provide the safety and love the child so desperately needs.

Do You Have Questions About Adopting a Foster Child in Arizona?

Building Arizona Families would be honored to walk with you on your adoption journey. As a non-profit, licensed Arizona adoption agency, we have been helping families with the Arizona child adoption process since 2004. Please contact us so that we can help your adoption dreams come true! Download our Adopting Foster Children Information Guide HERE.  You can reach out to Ixcel Baca, Program Manager for the Forever Families foster child adoption program at Building Arizona Families by phone at 623-696-9537 and by e-mail at ixcelbaca@buildingarizonafamilies.com. Building Arizona Families also offers free adoption information seminars in Phoenix, as well as online. Be sure to reach out to Ixcel for seminar dates and times.

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