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If you are searching online for the nearest adoption agency, please keep in mind that just
because it is the closest does not mean it is the top adoption agency to meet your adoption
needs. Why is this important? Because the adoption agency you choose will manage one of
the most meaningful processes of your family’s lives.


What makes an agency a top adoption agency? It’s not about the volume of adoptions,
although Building Arizona Families helps more Arizona families navigate newborn, foster, and
international adoptions than almost any other Arizona adoption agency. It is about integrity,
genuine care for your family, the children in the adoption process, and birth mothers and
fathers who courageously place their infants for adoption with us.


Integrity and care are hard to measure, but the families that have worked with Building Arizona
Families since our inception in 2004 continue to return to us for their family adoption needs.
It’s also why we have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. We encourage families
beginning their adoption journey to not just look for the nearest adoption agency but to look for
the best adoption agency to meet their unique needs.


Other Top Adoption Agency Criteria


Even if you found us online searching for the nearest adoption agency or found other agencies
the same way, it is essential to note that adoption agency licensing and accreditation are crucial
to the successful adoption journey. Building Arizona Families is licensed through the Office of
Licensing and Regulation of the Arizona Department of Child Safety. This office monitors
adoption agencies to ensure that stringent protocols and processes are met in the adoption
process to ensure that the child’s best interests are always a top priority. We are also
internationally accredited through the Hague Convention, a highly rigorous accreditation
process to ensure that internationally adopted children are protected, and their welfare is
always top of mind.


The Nearest Adoption Agency Might be Building Arizona Families

Understanding the services each adoption agency can legally offer is essential to determine if
geographic proximity is essential. For Building Arizona Families’ Domestic Adoption Program,
we don’t have to be the nearest adoption agency. Families that want to adopt newborns can
live anywhere in the United States to use our newborn adoption services. Families who wish to
adopt from foster care need to be Arizona residents for us to help with their adoptions, but the
foster child(ren) can live anywhere in the U.S.

You can find much adoption education information from our adoption agency on our
website. Newborn adoption information is available HERE. The Domestic Program coordinator
is Becky Merryman. Becky is available at: becky@buildingarizonafamilies.com or by phone at
6232241815. You can view foster child adoption information HERE. The program coordinator
is Ixcel Baca. Ixcel is available at ixcelbaca@buildingarizonafamilies.com or (623) 6969537.
Building Arizona Families could be the nearest adoption agency to you! We are centrally
located in Phoenix, Arizona, and we also offer online adoption seminars that families seeking
adoption education can attend from any location.

The seminars provide information on the different types of adoptions we offer, adoption processes, time frames, and costs for each type of adoption. The seminars are very informative in deciding the type of adoption suitable for you and your family. To learn more about adoptions through Building Arizona Families, please register for one of our online adoption seminars. Visit our Facebook page for current dates and times to RSVP.


Building Arizona Families is Here For Your Family

About Building Arizona Families
Building Arizona Families is an Arizonalicensed, IRSregistered nonprofit adoption agency. We have provided adoption services since 2004 with an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. Please find out more about us here.

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