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The most loving people you know may already be involved in the process of adopting foster children. How do we know? Because our Arizona adoption agency has helped numerous Arizona families who have turned to us to adopt foster children. The families that Building Arizona Families works with are absolutely fantastic people! We are always touched by their compassion and selfless love for children who have senselessly suffered.


February is the month of love, and hearts symbolize it. It’s very appropriate for adoption. Did you know that when people open their hearts and homes to adopt foster children, their broken hearts can begin to heal? Foster children have been wounded physically and emotionally. They need the healing of a loving, stable, and safe home. Children are placed in the foster care system because they have suffered abuse and neglect. They are permanently removed from their homes when the behaviors and conditions that led to their initial removal are not remedied. You can imagine what happens in a child’s heart when the people who are supposed to love and protect them are their abusers. It is also possible that they are separated from brothers and sisters. It is genuinely heartbreaking what they have experienced.


The Process to Adopt Foster Children is Not as Hard as You Might Think


Many people believe that you must first be licensed to be a foster parent to adopt foster children. Foster parent licensing is not necessary for Arizona families. One must successfully complete a home study. For more information about home studies, go HERE. Other common misconceptions about adopting foster children include the necessity of owning a home. Homeownership is not required – you must have a safe, clean home, but it does not mean you have to own the home. You also do not have to be married, and you don’t have to be wealthy. Find out more about the requirements to adopt foster children HERE.


Are You Considering Adopting Foster Children?


If you are a loving, compassionate person who wishes to parent and has a heart for helping vulnerable children! Adoption changes a child’s life forever and will fill yours with joy! Building Arizona Families is a licensed non-profit adoption agency that can assist Arizona families interested in adopting a foster child from anywhere in the United States. Our adoption specialists will assist you in the matching process to find the child or children that will best blend with your family. Reach out to Ixcel Baca, program coordinator, for more information at ixcelbaca@buildingarizonafamilies.com or call (623) 696-9537. Additionally, we offer informative online adoption seminars. You can check our seminar calendar on our Facebook page HERE.

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