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Summer is a difficult time for foster children. In central and southern Arizona, hot temperatures make outdoor activities nearly impossible. While many of us plan wonderful summer vacations, making memories with our children and grandchildren, some Arizona foster children are stuck inside group homes with other physically and emotionally abused children. While other children pack suitcases to go to family vacations, summer camps, Disneyland, sports leagues, and more, foster children’s worldly possessions fit in a garbage bag. All the wonderful summer memories we all look back on as part of growing up are painfully absent for foster children, still hoping and praying loving families will adopt foster kids in Arizona.

Foster children hope they don’t have to move to the next group home, a different case worker, and a different school to start all over again. Many people are unaware of the physical and emotional abuse foster children have endured through no fault of their own. Children in foster care are removed from their homes because they are not safe. Parental rights are severed when the issues they are removed from their homes are not remedied. The children are then turned over to the custody and care of the state where they reside. Adopting foster kids in Arizona and around the U.S. truly is life-changing for foster children who have suffered so much.

Why Adopt Foster Kids?

Research illustrates the absolute necessity for children to have stable, loving relationships as they grow up. The absence of these relationships thwarts emotional and cognitive maturing processes necessary for children to become happy, productive adults.

If loving families do not adopt foster kids and they “age out” of the system without families, their adult outcomes are poor. Many become homeless, addicted, pregnant, or imprisoned. All because they were deeply wounded as children and did not have a loving, safe family to help them heal.

Information on How to Adopt Foster Kids

We invite you to contact Ixcel Baca, program coordinator, for more information at ixcelbaca@buildingarizonafamilies.com or by calling (623) 696-9537. You can download our complimentary information kit HERE. Additionally, we offer informative online adoption seminars. You can also check our seminar calendar on our Facebook page HERE.

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