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Did you know that it literally changes the future when you adopt a foster child? Did you also know that adopting a foster child is not nearly as difficult or expensive as you might think?


Imagine a child that has suffered abuse or neglect and removed from their home for safety. The trauma of the abuse, the heartbreak of being abused or neglected by the very people who are supposed to be protectors, and the insecurity that living in a group home and moving several times a year causes tremendous emotional damage. Unless a loving person or family decides to adopt a foster child, their childhood years continue to be full of heartache. Their prospects as adults are also affected.


When compassionate people realize what these precious children have experienced and what they will continue to experience without intervention, they realize that adopting a foster child truly does change their future. When a person or family decides to adopt a foster child, the adopted child experiences the security of a stable place to live without having to move regularly, change schools, or lose friends and teachers who were helpful. They begin to experience the love of a family that heals the wounds in their hearts and minds. Their academic progress often improves, which opens the doors for opportunities as adults that they would not have otherwise.


It’s not just the foster child’s life that changes. The adoptive family’s lives are changed in profound ways as well. Loving unselfishly and experiencing the joy of parenting a formerly closed-off, hurting child and watching them begin to blossom is truly the gift. It is witnessing the miracle of a child healing and blossoming into what they are intended to be. Adopting a child is a miracle in the making.


People in Arizona who want to adopt a foster child do not have to become foster parents first. They can directly adopt a foster child through a home study process. Find out more about the home study process here. The state government where the child resides is also eager to help the child find a loving forever family and may cover some of the costs. Go here to find out more about the costs.


Building Arizona Families is a licensed non-profit adoption agency that can assist Arizona families interested in adopting a foster child from anywhere in the United States. We will assist you in the matching process to find the child or children that will best blend with your family. Reach out to Ixcel Baca, program coordinator, for more information at ixcelbaca@buildingarizonafamilies.com or call (623) 696-9537. Additionally, we offer informative online adoption seminars. You can check our seminar calendar on our Facebook page HERE.

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